Visits and signs of a house to come

We love visits and had the fun of sharing our house-in-process with Peter, Catherine, Pam and Jeff during this long Labor Day weekend. We walked through all the spaces in the framed garage, through every “room” (upstairs and downstairs) in our yet-to-be-framed house, to the sand pit (where we imagined what will be), and to the river. Their presence lingers and makes this place oh-so-much more home.

We were not there when Jeff Vilen and his crew wound up last week, but it was easy to see their plan for “next steps.” With garage fully wrapped, construction odds and ends cleaned up, sill fastened to house foundation, and openings measured and marked on the sill boards, everything was lined up to frame the house. By the end of this week our house walk-through will be a little less imaginary, and one exciting step closer to welcoming visitors at our own front door.

DSC04140   DSC04094



Lanesboro, Minnesota
Climate Zone 6 (cold/moist)
Latitude: 43° 44' 18'' N
Longitude: 91° 54' 48'' W

House Size

Net Treated Floor Area: 1,514 SF
Gross Square Footage (House only): 2,210 SF

Building Envelope

Roof: R-99
Wall: R-61
Ground: R-53

Windows & Doors

Glazing: U-0.10 BTU / hour / sq. ft.
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): 0.48”
Frame: U-0.19 BTU / hour / sq. ft.

Modeled Performance

Specific Primary Energy Demand (Source Energy Demand): 12.1 kBTU / sq. ft. / year

Specific Space Heat Demand: 7.0 kBTU/sq. ft. / year

Peak Heating Load: 7,047 BTU / hour

Space Cooling Demand: 0.44 kBTU / sq. ft. / year

Peak Cooling Load: 3,625 BTU / hour

Pressure Test Goal: Whole House Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) = 0.4 ACH 50


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